Driveway cleaning Glasgow

AJM Cleaning Solutions also cover the Glasgow area as driveway cleaning is one of our top demand service, we are fast becoming a number one choice in the Glasgow area as our brand credibility and reputation for high quality and friendly professonal service grows evey year.

Why choose us ? 

We pride ourselfs in delivering over a decade of five star service along with a friendy family feel and remarkable driveway cleaning results within the Glasgow area that will leave your monoblock driveway as good as the day it was installed. we have invested in the newest state of the art driveway cleaning equipment along with over ten years of cleaning experiance so we are confident of transforming any drab and weed covered driveway in Glasgow even in the most extreem condition.

Our cleaning method ! 

First depending on your driveways condition we will normally aplly a pre treatment of moss/weed killer, this will break down and kill off the moss, weeds and various forms of algae, then we use our specialist driveway flat surface cleaner to glide across the surface with remarkable cleaning results. 

Once we are happy all surface is completly free of all dirt and grime we will leave to dry out, we will then return to re sand the driveway to give a stunning new look completly transforming your driveway bringing your full property back to life. 

If your driveway is in need of our services and your looking for a friendly yet reliable and profesional service in the Glasgow area then look no further than AJM Cleaning Solutions ,get in touch today by sending us an email with your requests and we can give you a free no obligation quotation today. Just click the link at the bottom and we will respond within the next 24 hours.

We have specialist driveway cleaning equipment to clean and treat all driveway surfaces including monoblocks and all types of paving slabs. after any cleaning process taking place, we would always recommend post-treating the surface with fungicidal softwash to make the jet washing process as effective as possible keeping your driveway free of weeds and moss for 2/3 times longer. We also re sand your driveway at no extra cost, this is a standard part of the service we offer.

Driveway cleaning is by far our most requested service with our Glasgow area customers, your driveway is your homes first impression to your friends and family when they visit, lets be honest there is nothing worse than having a lovely home and nice car parked in an unsightly drive covered with Dirt ,Moss and weeds, having your Driveway cleaned and re sanded can realy bring the full property back to life and also add value to your home, and not to mention taking away the risks of slipping on a moss coverd driveway. 

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We can also seal your Driveway for an extra protection if desired, please se our sealer benefits page for more info. 

Our range of Driveway cleans are as below

Monoblock Traditional 

Tegula style block

Key block 

Imprinted concrete

cobble block


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Driveway cleaning Glasgow image
Driveway cleaning Glasgow image
Driveway cleaning Glasgow image
Driveway cleaning Glasgow image
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