Soft wash Roof Cleaning

AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS also offer Roof Soft washing as part of our service range in the Central of Scotland,  North lanarkshire, cumbernauld , Glasgow, Stirling, falkirk, perthshire , Inverness and the highlands area.

We have specialist Softwash cleaning equipment to clean and treat all roof surfaces including Concrete tiles, clay tiles, and Natural Slate . after any cleaning process taking place, we would always recommend post-treating the surface with fungicidal Treatment to make the Soft washing process as effective as possible keeping your Roof free of dirt and moss for 2/3 times longer. 

What is Soft washing?

soft washing is the alternative to pressure washing using waterbased biodegradable products that will kill off and breakdown all Moss and grime and everything else that is not meant to be there, this means we can clean your surface on a low pressure and let the products do the hard work bringing fantastic results. Soft washing is a term given to exterior cleaning using a much lower amount of pressure than and applying treatments to kill any moss, algae, fungi and lichens which seep into the organic growths and kill from within without needed the brute force of a pressure washer.


 If moss is needed to be removed we would cover areas around the roof with suitable covering ready for the moss removing process, then start to remove the deposits of moss manually using extendable hand held tools. In some cases we may need to access the roof with a cat ladder "roofers ladder" to remove the heavy moss.

Once we are satisfied the worst of the moss has been removed manually, we would then start the soft washing process
 to the tiles using our specialist soft wash equipment, this is when the soft wash gets to work and starts to kill any remaining moss, algae and lichens that are still on the roof. It normally takes two or in some extreme cases three treatments and your roof tiles will start to come up clean. However full results can take up to 8 weeks.

We cover all over the central of Scotland from Glasgow, cumbernauld, kilsyth, Hamilton Motherwell, Airdrie, Coarbridge, north lanarkshire, stirling, falkirk, perthshire and also cover the Inverness and the highlands area .

We are a small family run business with one van covered by our owner Jim and the other covered by his son Andrew in the Inverness and Highland area 

For all enquiries please fill out the contact form on the contact us page by clicking here or call us or send an email with the details on this page for a free quotation.


Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
Soft wash Roof Cleaning image
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