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Decking cleaning

Decking has become a popular feature in many back gardens throughout central Scotland , North lanarkshire, south lanarkshire, East dumbartonshire, west dumbartonshire, Glasgow, Perth, stirling, falkirk, Fifeshire . Although installing decking will cut down on garden maintenance, it still requires looking after on a regular basis to avoid deterioration.

The biggest problem with decking, particularly in damp shaded areas is the growth of green algae and moss. These varieties of surface growth can leave the surface of the wood very slippery and potentially dangerous for foot traffic in damp or wet conditions.

AJM Cleaning Solutions use specialist decking cleaning equipment with rotary headed washers to thoroughly clean the surface of the wood. The jet washers will not damage the wood or leave behind visible 'snaking' marks often left by domestic pressure washers.

It is also advisable to treat decking with a good quality decking oil once it has dried out after the cleaning process. The oil will further protect the wood against future deterioration and keep it looking good at all times.

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Our decking cleaning service is available throughout  ,Perth and covers Coatbridge, Motherwell, Airdrie, Hamilton, Cumbernauld, Kilsyth,Grangemouth, Falkirk, Stirling and Glasgow, south lanarkshire, east dumbartonshire, west dumbartonshire, fifeshire.


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