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Natural Stone Patio Cleaning

AJM Cleaning Solutions specialise in cleaning a wide variety of patio surfaces for homeowners throughout central Scotland, North lanarkshire, south lanarkshire , east dunbartonshire and Glasgow , Below are a list of some of the Natural Stone patio surfaces we have cleaned, treated and sealed at some point:

  • Limestone
  • Sandstone
  • Yorkstone
  • Indian Sandstone
  • slate



Areas covered include north lanarkshire, south lanarkshire, Stirling, east dunbartonshire, Glasgow and most towns across the central Scotland.
The biggest challenge with most natural stone patio surfaces like Limestone and Sandstone is keeping them free from weeds, moss and green algae. Because we have invested in some of the best pressure cleaning equipment available, we are confident of transforming the look of any drab and dirty limestone or sandstone patio.

In some cases depending on the type a natural stone it may be better to soft wash your patio along with pressure washing, we have the best products on the market to safley remove years of moss and grime . See patio cleaning image gallery...

Your garden is your own secret place to relax and enjoy , theres nothing worse than trying to relax in a dirty weed and moss filled patio, not only is it unsightly but also can make the surface very slippery, it can be an expensive job to renew a patio, so why not have it completly restored! and your patio will look as good as it did the day it was installed. So you can relax and enjoy with your friends and family again.

We are offering Soft wash cleaning for most decorative patios like Natural stone, limestone,sandstone and slate ect, soft washing works alongside pressure washing using waterbased biodegradable products that will kill off and breakdown all Moss and grime and everything else that is not meant to be there, this means we can clean your surface on a lower pressure and let the products do the hard work bringing fantastic results. 

We also can provide a natural stone patio sealer for an even greater lasting protection if desired, please se our page on sealer benefits for more info.

the most popular stone we clean are Limestone, Indian Sandstone, Yorkstone and slate 

We recommend a Soft wash treatment every 18 months to act as a Moss and weed prevention, this way your patio will stay "forever clean" and less maintenance will be requied. We partner with one of the UK Industry leaders Smartseal to insure the best products on the market. have a look for yourself by clicking on the link below.

Ask for a FREE quote for patio cleaning and sealing by calling 01236 827237 or 07931762754 for central scotland and north lanarkshire, south lanarkshire, east dunbartonshire and Glasgow or send an online enquiry.

Natural Stone Patio Cleaning image
Natural Stone Patio Cleaning image
Natural Stone Patio Cleaning image
Natural Stone Patio Cleaning image
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