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Soft wash Roof Cleaning Scotland

AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS also offer a National Roof Soft washing and Moss removal as part of our service range all over Central, East, West and South of Scotland,  North lanarkshire, south lanarkshire, Glasgow, east dunbartonshire, stirlingshire, Falkirk, Dundee, Fifeshire and perthshire and all major towns in between. We travel as far south as Dumfries & Galloway, as far north west as Oban, and as far North East as Perth & Dundee.

We have our own dedicated Roof Soft washing & Moss removal specialist team covering all over the south, east, west and parts of the north of Scotland.

Because we are a small family business our rates are more competitive than some larger roof cleaning national companies and are fastly becoming a huge hit accross Scotland with our Roof soft washing service.! Unlike some other companies we never try to up sell anything that you dont need like over priced roof coatings or sealers, we simply come to take care of the moss & grime on your roof and use a Soft washing treatment to clean your tiles back to their former glory,( we never use any high pressure blasting on your tiles).

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What is Roof Soft washing?

Roof soft washing is a Safer alternative to pressure washing roofs using biodegradable waterbased products to remove moss, algae, lichen and grime from exterior hard surfaces without the need for high pressure cleaning.! 

High pressure washing works great for most paved surfaces like driveways and patios however with roofs this can cause leaks, cracks, and in some cases depending on the type of tiles you may have it can also strip away the protective coating on tiles.

On the contrary Soft washing will eliminate such risks by using special roof cleaning products to free your roof of moss and grime, another great aspect of soft washing is we can do the work completly from the ground or ladder/ mini tower depending on the type of property you have.

Soft wash Moss removal- a safer Alternative to Pressure washing !

Most of the calls we get is customers wanting Moss removed from there roofs, before the softwashing method was ever heard of the most common method of moss removal was standing on the tiles with a pressure washer!  however this method has now been proven to remove some of the protective coating on the tiles decreasing the life span of your roof. Not only that but also increases the chance of cracking tiles and water finding its way into your home. Not to mention blasting bits of moss and dirt all over your garden!

AJM CLEANING SOLUTIONS can take care of the Moss issue on your roof without using High pressure or even standing on your roof at all.! by using a simple combination of Moss removal softwashing products and a telescopic high reach brush / scraper, we can take care of years of moss without any risks of dammage to your roof.!  So if your roof is covered in moss we will first scrape the worst of it then softwash the rest. "Simple but effective".  The product will kill off and wash away any tiny particals of leftover moss over a few weeks until your roof is completly moss free.

Soft wash Roof tile cleaning- low pressure tile cleaning!

The other calls we get is for Soft washing dirty tiles, in some cases your roof might not have much moss on it if you live in a newer home for example or once you have the moss removed your roof tiles might also be covered in black, green, yellow or white spots, "organic stains"! .Our roof softwashing products will also take care of these organic stains without any pressure blasting!. Our softwashing products will do the hard work for us. We simply apply and leave the soft washing to restore your tiles back to their original colour and removing all these ugly stains and small MOSS SPORES from your roof tiles over a period of between six to eight weeks in most cases. The majority of the stains will start to fade  off on the same day and the colour of your tiles will start to come back to life again as we re apply the product two times in some cases to maximise the cleaning effect for the best same day results, but in some cases white spots "lichen" will take an extra few weeks and months to completly fade away. Once the soft wash has completed the self cleaning work on your roof over a few weeks your roof will look just as good as a pressure washing clean but without the high risk of dammage!. Plus it will stay cleaner for longer due to the product killing off every tiny wee spore of moss in between the gaps and under the laps of the tiles where the spores tend to hide giving you a longer lasting clean for your moneys worth.!

With this method we safely solve your mossy and dirty roof isue with:




AND minimal MESS 


We cover all over most of Scotland , north lanarkshire, south lanarkshire, east dunbartonshire, west dunbartonshire, oban, perthshire, Falkirk, stirlingshire, Dundee and Fifeshire.

We are a small family run business with one van covered by our owner Jim and the other covered by his son Andrew.

For all enquiries please fill out the contact form on the contact us page by clicking here or call us or send an email with the details on this page for a free quotation or call us on the numbers provided and we will be happy to help you.


in the process of soft washing
after soft wash the red colour starting to come back again
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Soft wash Roof Cleaning Scotland image
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